February Album Update!

I just had a really awesome day in the studio working on 2 new tracks for the album! I now have studio-recorded demos for 6 self-composed (English) songs for my album. We’re still working on the arrangements and are going to get drums etc properly recorded before vocalling them, but they’re well on their way and I’m so excited about all of them!
My plans have changed and I’m now planning to release a full-length English language album rather than an EP – I’m continuing to write and hope to finish 12 solid tracks for the release (I’ll probably release the Japanese tracks as a standalone single or EP, depending on whether I pitch any of the songs).

Ca9oFKZW0AAaFDx.jpg large

I *love* being in the studio, can you tell!?

Honestly… I’ve been a cover singer for such a long time I was really nervous about writing my own album from scratch. But hearing the songs begin to take shape and come to life I’m realising this album might actually be something way beyond anything I’d imagined. I can’t wait for you to hear it, although it’ll be a little while yet. When it drops it will be available on iTunes, and also as a physical release. More details will be revealed nearer the time, I’ll keep you posted! 😀

Oh, and I won that Best International Artist award at the Basingstoke Music Awards, and also performed two of the songs from my upcoming album! 🙂 Look out for more updates in March ^__^