Album Updates!

Hello 🙂

Apologies that it has been a while – I have been super busy! I will attempt to summarise as succinctly as I can. 

  • I am putting the prize money from Korea into studio time. I’ve written a bunch of songs – completely written and composed by myself – and wanted to finally release some of them! It’s really exciting hearing my stories come to life in the studio, my producer Stuart is awesome and is miraculously able to make sense of my babbling to create the sound I want xD
  • By the time I finish recording, I will have 2 EP’s worth of material (half in English, half in Japanese).
    • I’m unsure at the moment, but I’m considering releasing it as a double-EP with my Japanese tracks (co-written and produced by Darren Martyn).
    • The idea is that it’ll be a Yin/Yang style release, with a ‘Becca’ disk in English (with pop, rock and country influences) and a ‘Chii’ disk in Japanese (which is more heavily influenced by Jpop and Kpop, featuring dance tracks and ballads).
  • I very much want to release a CD in Korean as well. However, owing to my severely lacking skills in this language I would definitely need to get a lyricist on board for this. I’ll look into it!
  • I’ve been nominated for “Best International Artist” in the local Basingstoke Music Awards. The show is on January 23rd (I’ve been invited to perform live at the event as well), I’ll post an update after the show!
  • I’m planning a little video series which you’ll start to see appearing as the release date for my CD nears!

And now for some video spam! 😀

I did an interview with Inspire Me Korea (a new box subscription service for lovers of Korean culture), about my adventure in Korea and the journey that led me there.

I finally got around to making a big video about the Korea trip. It’s mostly photos because I was too sick to record much video T_T but I hope you’ll enjoy it anyway!

If you’ve always wanted to watch my singing a Trot (old K-pop) song while wearing a Hanbok (traditional Korean dress) then you are in luck, my friend xD

I’ve done several other covers lately, even one in English!

So there we go, that’s your lot. Sorry it’s so long xD


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