I got 2nd place vocal (우수상) at the Grand Final of KWF 2015!!

Edit: the video is now available! You can watch here 😀

First of all – apologies for the lack of updates and vlogs, it has been SO hectic! In summary: the whole trip to Korea was an absolutely out of this world, unforgettable experience and if you sing or dance you should absolutely go for it next year! It’s so, so worth it 🙂

After a shaky start to my trip (I became sick and lost my voice so I had to visit the doctor and even got put on an IV drip!) I had a great time with the other contestants, and got to see and experience many awesome things in Seoul and Changwon. We went to SMTOWN artium, had dinner with GOT7, went cycling through the mountains in Changwon, and ate SO much food once my appetite returned xD

When we arrived at the stadium everyone screamed when they saw the stage! It was so big and just looked incredible, a few people cried in that moment because the reality finally hit them. We had a few rehearsals before the main show, it was my first time performing with earpieces and it seemed very strange! I was completely deaf except for the feed coming through the earphones.

I performed If (만약에) by Girls’ Generation’s leader Taeyeon at the grand final. It was really nerve-wracking as almost all of the other acts were dancing (and most were in groups as well), whereas I was standing alone on that huge stage singing a ballad. But I really enjoyed it, and in spite of not feeling 100% I did my best and went for the high note that I had avoided in the rehearsals. It’s a higher note than Taeyeon normally sings at that point and my throat had been so bad that I didn’t risk it before. But on the night, it worked perfectly 🙂

I was shocked and thrilled to get the 2nd place vocal award (우수상 / best performance) after all that had happened! I received a glass trophy (similar to the music bank ones) and a cheque for 3,000,000 SKW as prize money. I was sad to come home, but the contestants have made a facebook group where we are all sharing our photos, videos and tears hahaha

I still kind of feel like I dreamed it, it’s all so surreal and beyond anything I ever imagined. After 10 years my dream of performing in Korea came true, and on a bigger stage and in a much bigger way than I ever imagined. This isn’t the end, though! Oh no. This has only fuelled the fire, so please continue to support me as I chase my dreams! 😀

Stay tuned for the high quality videos once they are released by KBS! The festival airs on KBS2 on November 15th and the behind the scenes documentary ‘Global Youth Dream of K-pop’ will follow on the 18th – both will later be uploaded to the KBS World Youtube channel so you can see all of my adventures (and misadventures!) with the other participants from around the world! ^__^