I’m going to perform to 25,000 people in KBS’ K-pop World Festival 2015!!!

After months of waiting and hoping, the big announcement was made on September 22nd and… I’ve been selected to go to Changwon!!!

I’m representing the UK and KBS has changed my song to Taeyeon’s If (만약에). I’ll be flown out for just over a week and perform on October 30th at the massive grand final in Changwon, sharing the stage with well known acts including Ailee, SHINee, 4Minute, AOA, BTS, Red Velvet and VIXX. I can’t believe it and I can’t wait to get there – I’ve been trying to make my dream come true for 10 years and now I will finally be able to perform in Korea, on a bigger stage than I ever dared to dream of. Watch this space for more updates!

If you feel like watching me ramble about my feels, here is the first of the series of vlogs I’m planning to do about the festival 🙂


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