Vlog 4: KBS, The Voice, EP, K-pop Girl Group auditions!

I’ve had an incredible 6 months! I’ve finally finished re-vocalling my entire EP into English (I originally wrote it all in Japanese) so it’s ready to be mixed and fired off to publishers, record labels, and other spiffing contacts that Darren Martyn has! Good luck to Darren as he finishes up the mixes, I hope we get a great response to the songs! We’ve worked really hard on them and I think they sound awesome! 😀

I posted already about KBS but I speak more in depth here about the experience, the reasons for my song choice etc. I’m also in an audition process for a K-pop girl group. This is the last online round – after this they’re picking people to go to Korea!!! Fingers firmly crossed and hoping that I’m offered a spot! Also waiting to find out if I’ll get a callback from The Voice, and obviously for a final judgement from the KBS judges. So much anticipation!!!


I’m the vocal winner of the UK regional final of KBS K-pop World Festival 2015!!

There’s a sentence I never thought I’d type! SO Project won the first place grand prize as the winning dance team while I was awarded 2nd grand prize as the winning vocal act. I’ve been running around flailing with excitement all day xD There will be an official video later on but until then… HAVE A FANCAM! 8D

And some photos!