Vlog 2: Hearing my first two songs! {March}

I’ve finished my first two songs and I finally got to listen to them at the start of the month! I don’t know how many times I’ve played them since then. Too many. You’d think I’d be fed up of them, I think I spent somewhere in the region of 4 hours cutting all the vocals (as I did all of the harmonies and chorus vocals myself as well), I’m surprised I’m not singing them in my sleep!

On the same day I started writing song 3. This one was really difficult actually, it was a dance song like I’d wanted but I’ve never written this kind of song and found it hard to come up with a top-line/melody that I was satisfied with. I took it home where eventually inspiration hit and I wrote the entire thing in a couple of hours. By this time next week I should have the vocals recorded for both this and my 4th and final (for now!) song.

I feel really lucky that Darren values my input and ideas – it would be so easy for him to just write me some songs but he’s helping me to develop my own skills and write songs I can be really proud of ๐Ÿ™‚ He guided me a lot in the first two songs but I’ve written almost the entire melody/top-line for the second two songs, I write most of the harmonies/vocal arrangement, and I write all of the lyrics myself as well. I really hope you’ll like them when you hear them! Anyway, I’m rambling on. Here’s the vlog!


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