Vlog 3: Finishing the EP (songs 3 & 4) {March}

So we’re coming to the end of March, and the end of my EP project! Today I cut all of the vocals for songs 3 and 4. I worked pretty fast today, and I’m really happy with how the session went. The harmonies sound really cool and the two songs are so different. One is a really catchy, kinda sexy dance track and the other is this really soft, airy ballad. I sound like two different artists haha.

I’m super proud of these songs because I wrote almost all of the topline/melody and a lot of the harmonies/bg vocals in addition to the lyrics, it’s not the first time I’ve written songs but it’s my first time working at this level and I’m really happy with how it’s turning out. I can’t wait to hear them, and I’m really hoping we get a great response when we start sending them out to labels!!

Watch this space 🙂


You Don’t Have To Be The Best.

Really, you don’t. I don’t either, and normally I know that. But every now and then I let my doubts creep back in and I start to feel like I’m not enough, somehow. I see people who have what I lack, excelling where I struggle, people for whom things seem to come so easily, so naturally.

I think many of us have these moments, and in those moments you realise you will never be as good as this person. You can’t help but feel discouraged and you may even wonder why you bother at all. You incorrectly assume that just because you’re not the best, that what you have to offer is insignificant, and perhaps that you should hide it away for fear of being judged against these amazing people and being found wanting.

I do not have the best singing voice in the world, and for many years I hid it. But rather than list my complaints and issues with it, I’m going to list the reasons why I sing instead. If you’re going through a similar thing, perhaps make your own list to remind yourself of why you do what you do 😊

  • It allows me to express whatever I’m feeling. Whether I’m happy, sad, angry, lonely, whatever – I can vent those feelings through singing.
  • It has also helped me to overcome crippling shyness and anxiety. I went from being terrified of even speaking to people to performing in front of hundreds of people!
  • On a related note, imperfect as I may be, other people seem to like my voice. The general consensus is that they are glad they listened to it! It makes me really happy when someone else enjoys it, too!
  • Singing has brought me into contact with some of the most amazing people, and shown me how kind, helpful and supportive people can be!
  • I enjoy taking on challenges in many areas. Vocally I do this by attempting songs that I don’t think I can do. I often surprise myself and realise that some of my barriers and limits may be self imposed.
  • My voice now is pretty unrecognisable from what it was when I started. I find that pretty exciting and want to see if it will keep changing and evolving over the years.
  • I want to see what I can do with it, see how far I can go. I’ve done pretty well in several competitions, had a private audition with Disney, won a free trip to Korea, and most recently I’ve written an EP with an amazing producer. I’d say that’s going pretty well really.
  • I like being able to write my own songs and put my thoughts and experiences into what I’m doing. I love covering songs and I always have, but there’s something really exciting about singing a song I’ve made, that means something to me. I’m particularly fortunate to be writing with someone who is very talented but also very open minded and happy to work with my ideas!

Sometimes I think I don’t deserve success, because I’m not good enough, because I’m not talented enough, because I’m not impressive enough. But in the end, that’s not for me to decide. And rather than thinking about whether or not I’m the best (I’m not) or whether I ever will be (I won’t), I suppose I ought to just focus on loving what I do and always trying to do it better. For the things that I just categorically cannot do with my skill set, I can either accept it and move on… or try to find another way around. I’m an artist, after all, a creative. It’s all about using your imagination, right? 🙂

Vlog 2: Hearing my first two songs! {March}

I’ve finished my first two songs and I finally got to listen to them at the start of the month! I don’t know how many times I’ve played them since then. Too many. You’d think I’d be fed up of them, I think I spent somewhere in the region of 4 hours cutting all the vocals (as I did all of the harmonies and chorus vocals myself as well), I’m surprised I’m not singing them in my sleep!

On the same day I started writing song 3. This one was really difficult actually, it was a dance song like I’d wanted but I’ve never written this kind of song and found it hard to come up with a top-line/melody that I was satisfied with. I took it home where eventually inspiration hit and I wrote the entire thing in a couple of hours. By this time next week I should have the vocals recorded for both this and my 4th and final (for now!) song.

I feel really lucky that Darren values my input and ideas – it would be so easy for him to just write me some songs but he’s helping me to develop my own skills and write songs I can be really proud of 🙂 He guided me a lot in the first two songs but I’ve written almost the entire melody/top-line for the second two songs, I write most of the harmonies/vocal arrangement, and I write all of the lyrics myself as well. I really hope you’ll like them when you hear them! Anyway, I’m rambling on. Here’s the vlog!

Vlog 1: Starting the Album {February}

Everything kicked off in January so it’s all escalated very quickly! A PA to producer Darren Martyn got in touch via my Facebook page and asked if I would be interested in meeting Darren. I had no idea what this meeting would entail or why exactly he was interested in meeting me but I made the trip to East Croydon curious, nervous, and obviously quite excited!

It quickly became apparent that this was the best opportunity I’d ever had to write and record some originals with someone working at top level in the industry. I’ve always wanted to have a studio-recorded album but didn’t think I’d ever be able to afford to do it so I jumped at the chance. We started less than a week later! And that’s where this vlog kicks off 😀

[2015] The Project Begins!

Hi everyone! 🙂

Welcome to my project blog! My name is Becca, and I’m working with multi-platinum selling, award-winning producer and vocalist Darren Martyn, who has written for chart-topping acts across the world including Tinie Tempah in the UK, Super Junior and SHINee in Korea and Crystal Kay, Kat Tun and W-inds in Japan, to list only a few!

We are currently working on 4 songs and hoping to get financial backing to do a full album. I’m co-writing all of the songs which is really exciting, and I’m going to start posting vlogs about the process very soon!

Darren is very talented and his own career is getting even more insane even more right now, so I’m incredibly happy for him, and also endlessly grateful that even with all that going on he is still willing to take a chance on an unsigned act like me because he sees potential! Now we just have to work our butts off so that hopefully, everyone else will be able to see it, too 🙂